Your property is the product we sell in vacation rentals and its furnishing affects the numbers of views you property will get among the thousands of other listings in the area, the rates you can rent for, the reviews you get and therefore your profits. It is important to invest some time and money to make sure your property is fairly equipped with what customers expect and so it looks good in the pictures. Since it is such a vast subject, we divided in separate sections of the home.


Some areas of the home might not get much use depending on the customers, but all your customers will experience the bedroom so your property will mostly get rated based on the sleep the guests get.

1- Bedding: The bed needs to have strong base, so it won’t break if kids jump on it. A good mattress, neither too firm nor too soft, is essential. You’ll want to protect the mattress with a mattress protector, but make sure not to use one that feels like plastic underneath the sheets. I suggest placing first a waterproof mattress protector, that protects against bed bugs, and on top a more comfortable mattress pad. White linens are standard, and I think offering two different type of pillows per guest, one soft and one firm, is a nice touch. You should also provide an extra blanket per bed. I advise against decorative pillows and throws, unless they can be washed between each stays.

2- TV: Even if you are not personally into having a TV in the bedroom, most guests expect it and need it so they can view different programs in different rooms.

3- Lighting: Black out curtains are a must. You should also equip the rooms with bedside tables. A dimmer on the main light is a plus.

4- Storage for clothes: It is important for guests to fill at home that they get sufficient hanging space with hangers and drawers or shelves, so they can comfortably put their clothes away.

  5- Iron and ironing board: You only need one of each for the entire home. It should be placed in the closet of the master bedroom.